Trinic Sorter cum Fiber Extractor

The need for final clearing of teas from Fiber at sorting and packing stage has been felt. Accordingly Trinick sorter cum fibre extractor was develop. After wards a fiber extractor was attached to be used with the sorter.


  • A single deck consisting of five Stainless Steel Meshes of your choice sort from smaller to larger grades. The meshes are easily changeable for your seasonal adjustments.
  • Fitted with four 300mm (12″) PVC rollers running at very slow speed, the Trinick Sorter-cum-Fibre Extractor eliminates rubbing and falling effects completely (unlike conventional machines) and ensures absolutely dean teas without loss of bloom.
  • Total power required for Trinick Sorter-cum-Fibre Extractor is only 1 H.P. as compared to over 3 H.P. for equivalent machines.
  • Very little foundation work is involved since the machine comes on its own chassis. Only 6 Nos. bolts have to be grouted.
  • The Trinick Sorter-cum-Fibre Extractor is a noiseless and gentle machine.
  • Cost less than you can imagine as compared to the cost of conventional makes of sorters & fibre extractors
  • For smaller factories one machine could dean and sort about 400 kg. per hour. For larger factories, we recommend the fully conveyorized, integrated system incorporating fibre extractors, hoppers and java tunnels.
                                       FEED END                                                                  DISCHARGE END
HEIGHT                           1055 mm (41 1/2″)                                                        585 mm (23
LENGTH                          3658mm(12’)—with4No. PVC Roller
                                       4267mm(14’)—wlth5No. PVC Roller
WIDTH                                       Tray 1086 mm (42 3/4’)
POWER                           1 HP (0746KW) 440V3P}1 AC Motor
SORTING CAPACITY        440KG per hour
MESH TRAYS                  Provided w Stainless Steel Meshesin4roflerTSFll
                                       Provided with 6No. Stainless Steel Meshes in5roller TSFE
                                       Mesh sizes are supplied as per customer’s requirement.
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