• Required no. Registered, Boiler /
    attendant / certification.
  • No Shut-down for Inspection
    by Boiler Inspector.
  • Speedy rectification of fault.
  • Simple to operate
  • Low initial Investment.
  • Low running cost.
  • Requires small floor space.
  • Produces dry saturated steam.


For over decodes Hamilton Non IBR Baby
Boilers have been found indispensable with
reputation by wide range of Industries in
home and abroad. It served Tea Industries
for manufacture of Green Tea & eradication
of Bacteria from Tea Processing Areas and
Machineries. It also served Food Processing,
Dairy. Beverage. Oil Mills. Silk Mills. Rubber.
Cotton. Tannaries, Timber. Plywood and
Chemical Industries.


Hot Gases generated by Combustion of
fuel which moves upwards through Vertical
Tubes. The Size and Number of Tubes
are Engineered in such a way that Sufficient
heating surface is available for Rapid
Evaporation of water at full Pressure. A
Steam Exhauster (Superheater) situated
above Economiser for heating the steam
so as to make it super saturated steam.

Generator Fuel Consumption is based on Purity of Fuel & Ideal Condition