“GIMPEX” Tea Fibre Extractor is designed on the principle of static electricity. The electro static electricity is produced by 31 5mm (1 2”) dia black PVC rollers. To ensure uniform attraction of fibre throughout the rollers, an arrangement is made so that the rollers get brushed with the felt to produce statical electricity on the rollers. The machine is sturdily built and framed on M.S. Angle/Channel. An aluminium dimple tray is provided and 4 Nos. or 6 Nos. PVC Rollers are fitted on the frame depending on customer requirement. Arrangement is provided for lifting or lowering the rollers to maintain suitable gap between tray and rollers.

Chutes are provided to collect the fibre which are removed by the rollers. The machine can be supplied in different sizes as per customer requirement.

Note: Pursuant to constant endeavour to upgrade the machines, the company reserves the right to alter the specifications without prior intimation.