Continuous Fermenting Machine (Cfm)

Continuous Fermenting Machine (Cfm)


Tea Processors are aware of the fact that Fermentation is the single most important factor affecting the Final Quality of Black Tea processing. The traditional system of floor fermentation had been widely accepted by the Industry as the best for the fermentation process. But it suffers from inherent disadvantages of requirement of large floor area, besides being labour intensive and batch production type. All these makes it difficult to critically control the Fermenting time, and make its total process On-line. The introduction of Trough Fermentation System, popularly known as Gumlah Fermentation, with forced draught through the material, though reduces the space requirement considerably, yet remains labour intensive with the same inherent problems faced to maintain correct parametric conditions of floor fermentation with an additional inconvenience due to dealing with higher thickness of material.

The most important disadvantage in both the systems is the difficulty in designing a Continuous On-line process system between Rotorvane & Grading. Mechanized fermenting operation therefore became an obvious necessity. In the past decades, Gimpex had continuously been researching on the development of Continuous Fermenting Machines to suit the custom needs of different clients & can today boast &I at least several different models of Fermenting Machines, serving the industry efficiently. The latest in the line is our PES Belt Modular Fermenting Machine which ensures more uniformity of the oxidation process due to higher opening areas (40%), more hygienic in operation, easy to maintain aesthetic in look.

The Concept:

The macerated & sized leaves ore fed to the short feed PVC conveyor belt, where it gets spread the desired width and at desired thickness of the main PES Belt / Tray with the help of an incorporated helical spreader on the feed conveyor at desired thickness. This spread sheet 0 leaf drops into the feed end of the PES Belt / Tray Fermenting Surface. Humidified air controlled at around 95% R.H from a suitably designed humidification unit consisting of a misting / air washer chamber & a centrifugal blower fan, is supplied through ductings to the modular plenum chambers under the moving belt / trays. The oxidation / fermentation process can be regulated through individual controlled dampers in each module. Wide ranging speed / time variation essential for proper fermentation is done by an effectively & sturdily designed variable drive system.

Technical Specifications Continuous Fermenting Machine

ItemM/C TypeM/C WidthUnit3M4M5M6M7M8M9M
C/C LENGTHPES Belt! TrayI .9M I 6Ft.mm690588551080512755147051665518605
2.4M / 8Ft.
M/CHEIGHTPES Belt/TrayALLmm1400140014001400140014001400
WIDTHPES Belt1.9MmmALL171028902220
WIDTHPES Belt2.4MmmALL224034102740
WIDTHTRAY6Ft. (1.83M)mmALL171027962126
WIDTHTRAY8Ft. (2.44M)mmALL224034102740
Total area of 6ft. Tray I PES Belt Machine = (C/C length + 2761 mm. ) X Width including Drive Unit
Total area of 8ft. Tray / PES Belt Machine = (C/C length + 2986 mm. ) X Width including Drive Unit

Power Requirement: a ) For Machine

FEED BELTALL1 .9M / 6 Ft. or 2.4M / 8 Ft.HP2222222
SPREADERALLI .9M / 6 FL or 2.4M /8 Ft.HPIncluded In Short Feed Conveyor
MAIN DRIVEPES Belt2.4MHP3335557.5
MAIN DRIVETRAY6Ft. (1.83M)HP2223357.5
MAIN DRIVETRAY8 Ft (2.44M)HP335557.57.5
LEVELLER DRIVEALLI .9M /6 Ft. or 2.4M /8 Ft.HP1111111
PLOUGH DRIVEALL1 .9M / 6 Ft. or 2.4M / 8 Ft.HP11111 11
CLEANING BRUSHTRAY6Ft./8 Ft.HP1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.1.5 x 1No.
CLEANING BRUSHPES Belt1 .9M / 2.4MHP1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos1.5 x 2Nos


BLOWERPES Belt / Tray1 .9M /6Ft.HP335557.57.5
BLOWERPES Belt / Tray2.4M /8 Ft.HP55557.57.57.5
WATER PUMPPES Belt / Tray1.9M / 6 Ft. or 2.4M /8 Ft.HP1111111
LL HUMIDIFIERPES Belt / Tray1BM /6 Ft. or 2.4M /8 Ft.HP2222333
LL HUMIDIFIER INDIVIDUALPES Belt / Tray1 .9M / 6 Ft. or 2.4M / 8 Ft.HP1.

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