Color Sorter for Orthodox & Green Tea


Super Scan Tea Color Sorter
For a long time, we have studied to develop tea color sorter with specimens collected from major tea producing countries including Sri Lanka, India, China and Vietnam. To minimize tea leaf impairment, number of transferring should be minimized. So our machine adopted ‘2-layered sorting at one transfer’ method(251T), for both to minimize tea leaf impairment and to maximize the sorting accuracy. Our machines are equipped with a multi-purpose color-distinctive camera, and so one single machine can sort nearly all kinds of specimen.


Line Scan CAMERA:

Omega-Series adopted new method in specimen recognition, totally different from existing method of sensors and lenses. By this method, even minute difference of specimen is not missed and sorting capacity is greatly improved.

With large sized LCD screen
OMEGA-SERIES is designed user-friendly, for easy operation and for better sorting result. With large sized LCD screen, even a novice can operate the machine with good result.

Outstanding Sorting ability
The highest grade of black tea and green tea is called gold tea’, and as you know, gold tea is not sorted perfectly by any existing sorting machine in the world. Omega- series can sort the god tea. Also the strong magnets on the inlet and final outlet eliminate perfectly metallic dust in specimen.

Thorough test working before delivery
Mechanical stability and assembling accuracy are tested before delivery by the inspection process of sorting at least I tons of tea with over 30% of bad specimen. And the function of Ejector-Valves is tested by sorting 100% bad specimen for over 3 consecutive hours. These tests minimize machine trouble after installation.

Adoption of high speed Valve
Accuracy of sorting result depends on the speed and accuracy of Ejector-Valve. Our Ejector-Valve, developed jointly with a Germany renowned company, greatly enhances the efficiency of ejecting bad specimens and minimizes the loss of good specimens as well. Built-in cooler is equipped in the machine to minimize the frictional wear, to maintain the accuracy of Valve and to maximize the life of Valve.


  • The capacity of compressor depends on the working condition and subsidiary facilities.
  • The processing capacity per hour is set to the standard less than 3% bad specimen)
  • The design and channels are subject to change for quality improvement without prior notice.
Dimension (LIWI H)M1.3m x 0.9m x 2.9m1.3m x 0.9m x 3.5m1.3m x 1.7m x 2.9m1.3m x 1.7m x 3.5m
Power (220—440V)2.8kw3.5kw4.0kw5.0kw
Air Compressor (Hp)15Hpl5Hp2OHp25Hp
Capacity (Kg/hr)250350500750
Throughout Capacity (Kg/lw)200300400600

New color Camera module:

Using 1024 Line Scan Camera Imager for accurate measurement. Mixed FPGA and DSP module for high speed operation. Possible any color measurement using interlaced red and blue illumination. Unique design of sensor, optics, illumination and ejector. Air path integrated with optics to make fast ejecting operation. Dust free case design. Easy to use calibration function.

Special Chute and Feeder:

To increase the sorting efficiency, two kinds of chute are developed to process various types and size of specimen, Unprecedented in the world, we also developed a feeder that conveys over 500kg per hour. So our machine can process 500kg per hour for the first time in the World.

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