• Accuracy in depth of chasing
  • Better quality of the rollers
  • Minimum metal loss
  • Minimum time taking operation
  • Manpower saving
  • Use of Chaser Tool / Inserts


Gimpex Automatic Chasing Machine is fully automated and suitable for 8” to 13” diameter and 24” to 52” long rollers. It can be operated even by semi-skilled labour to the finest accuracy of chasing operation.

It ensures quality and accuracy of sharpening by application of Advance digital linear movement system and can perform as per requirement of roller sharpening practices.

Salient Feature

  • Chasing operation with high accuracy, high productivity and
    with minimum skill.
  • High speed operations to reduce cutting time and increase productivity.
  • Reduces setting time in comparison to old conventional method.
  • Final adjustment of depth of cut to ensure minimum metal cutting and longer life of segment.
  • Silent running of the machine with electronically regulated drive technology which ensures vibration free and noise free performance.
  • 1/2” Chaser can be used in same machine.
  • Dual mode application facility i.e. provision of both automatic and manual operation system for roller sharpening.